Hello! I’m a “growing boy” with a big appetite and a passion for cooking. I’ve spent much of my work life in restaurants – from slathering coney dogs with chili, to slicing up raw fish as a sushi chef – but my time in kitchens goes back further than that. I vividly remember making pancakes and eggs for my family as a kid, and convincing my grandma that I knew how to make stovetop popcorn – only to burn a hole into our kitchen counter. Some of my strongest memories are tied with food, and making people happy with something I’ve prepared for them is a feeling I’ve been chasing ever since my first pancake received a smile.

I decided to start this blog because I wanted an excuse to cook more at home – within my first week of being a “blogger” I made homemade pasta 3 times – I’ll worry about those consequences later. Food blogs are great because the author has taken the time to try out the recipe and make sure it works – and just like an experiment in science class – all you have to do is follow their steps. I’ve always enjoyed scrolling through food blogs and recipe sites but I’ve never saved the recipes that have worked for me. Hopefully, the cataloging of these recipes will make for an interesting blog, but at the very least I hope you read my blog and realize that COOKING AT HOME IS EASY!

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